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Have one of our swift speedboats pull you on a water ski through the Aruba waves. All skill levels are welcome to jump the waves and surf the ocean with the many boards we have available.

An expert crew is there on board who may demonstrate how to surf the waves by jumping into the water.

Trip Details

The Aruba sea, which is in the Caribbean, is a warm, salty body of water. Surfing in the waves of Aruba is one of the most pleasant activities, a wonderful way to spend your break, you didn't miss it.

Surfing in this water has grown to be a popular pastime for many tourists to the island. On the island, which has several unique areas where surfers may find waves to ride, at least 12 different types of waves are expected to exist.

Surfers should wear appropriate gear and dress appropriately while surfing.

15 minutes water-skiing session

  • $70 USD
  • Enjoy a 15 min water skiing session in max safety under the supervision of the most experienced water-skiing team in Aruba.

    15 to 20 Min: $70

30 minutes water-skiing lesson with a private instructor

  • $140 USD
  • With a Private instructor - Enjoy a 30-minute water-skiing session in the appropriate security measures while being supervised by Aruba's most skilled water-skiing team at Palm Beach.

    30 Min: $140