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In Aruba, parasailing is an extremely popular tourist attraction and one of the greatest ways to take in the breathtaking views of the island.

Feel full freedom, as you fly with us like a bird, it is a wonderful sensation to feel the wind in your hair moving through!

Trip Details

About Parasailing: Anyone looking for true excitement may participate in the activity, which involves being pulled behind a boat by a parachute on a pulley system.

In Aruba, early in the day is the ideal time to go parasailing. The experience is enhanced because the winds and sea are typically calmer.

12 Minutes Parasailing Trip

  • $62 USD
  • Single, Tandem, or Triple (depending on weight and wind), please feel free to contact us for any further details!

    - 1 person $62
    - 2 persons on one chute $124
Additional Passenger rate: 62 USD