Inflatable Banana Boat

Boat Details

Length ft

Come on an exciting adventure, float through the clear seas of Palm Beach, and feel the thrill of hurling over the waves on an inflatable banana boat ride in Palm Beach, Aruba.

You may go to have an exciting time on an inflatable banana boat.

You decide whether you want to challenge yourself by asking your captain to go faster or continue traveling at the minimum pace necessary.

Trip Details

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Aruba is the Banana Boat Adventure Ride.

It is a lot of fun and takes you to the Aruba Sea's waves though you can admire its glory and beauty.

In a banana boat adventure ride that is full of action, you will have the privilege to joyfully enjoy the amazing surroundings.

Banana Boat Adventure Ride | 15-20 minutes

  • $25 USD
  • You are more than welcome to come along on a banana boat adventure ride with us if you are looking for great fun.

    Rates: $25 p/p
Additional Passenger rate: 25 USD