Hobby Cat

Boat Details

Length ft

A Hobby Cat is an excellent choice for an exciting, adventurous sailing experience while enjoying Aruba's beautiful shallow waves.

Due to the northeast trade winds' average speed of 20+ knots, Aruba is the perfect location for having fun with these sailboats! The Hobby cat is a well-known boat that is frequently used for both racing and recreation. It has been utilized in Aruba to promote the island as a sailing travel destination.

Trip Details

A popular catamaran sailboat, the Hobby Cat is available for your fun-filled experience in Aruba; you may rent one of these and enjoy the sailing adventure in Aruba.

Hobby Cat One Hour Rental for up to 4 PAX

  • $65 USD
  • Are you a skilled sailor? Come sail with us!

1 hr. Hobby Cat lesson with Instructor

  • $130 USD
  • One hour of leisure sailing Cat in the surroundings of the high-rise hotels in Palm Beach, either with or without an instructor.