26 Ft Bayliner Bowrider

Boat Details

Length 26 ft
Speed 26 knots

26 ft Bayliner Bowrider is an amazing powerboat – powered by Honda 150 HP engine that gives it a speed of up to 26 knots. She is the perfect choice to enjoy such a great time with your family and friends while cruising around Aruba. Up to 6 passengers can be carried very comfortably.

Dimensions: 26 Feet in Length, 8 Feet Wide

Features & Comforts: Life Jackets/ Required Safety Gear, Bluetooth, Wheel Steering, Trailerable, Inboard Engine

Trip Details

PRIVATE SNORKELING TRIP: On this trip, we snorkel at “The German Freighter” and “Catalina Bay”. These are truly remarkable SNORKELING spots!

If you would like to enjoy snorkel, quality gear will be provided for you. Our friendly & professional crew will guide you that how to use it. Whether you are a novice or an experienced snorkeler, the captain and crew are here for you to ensure that you have a safe and truly enjoyable time. While enjoying snorkeling, you will experience the crystal-clear blue water of the Caribbean and the multitude of sea life! There is a variety of fish, coral, and even sponges in these waters!

The clarity is excellent, kindly bring your waterproof camera to capture the marine beauty and remarkable moments.

From the bay, you will head to the Antilla, which is a popular shipwreck just off Aruba’s shores. Explore the 400-foot Antilla. This cargo ship was launched in 1939 and scuttled in 1940 when Germany invaded Holland during WWII.

Back on board, we will make our way to Catalina Bay for a bit more underwater exploration. The crystal-clear water, only 8-10 feet deep, is ideal for viewing the colorful tropical marine life that inhabits Aruba’s aqua-colored wonderland.

Many species of coral, including brain and star coral, and a diverse population of fish, including parrotfish and blue tangs, are some of the beautiful creatures you will most likely encounter. When you are finished with your time in the water, the crew will assist you back on the boat.

Get dried off and you will have a light lunch of fresh-baked crusty bread topped with cheese and meat as well as fresh tropical fruit while enjoying your cruise through Aruba’s coastline back to Palm Beach.

There is even an open cocktail bar serving cocktails prepared with rum, vodka, whiskey gin, Aruba Ariba, sodas, and water.

The perfect way to spend your time in Aruba is as you recline along the deck and take in the sea breezes as you, reluctantly, return to reality. Who could ask for a more relaxing afternoon? Your captain and crew will see to it that you have a wonderful day in Aruba.

REGULAR PRIVATE CHARTER - This boat is also available for regular use charters. Rent this vessel for family days at the beach, snorkeling with the turtles, sunset cruises, or wedding trips, or just to get away from it all in the privacy of your own boat rental.

All trips include snacks and drinks on the half-day trip, and they add lunch on the full-day trip.

POWER SNORKELING: We offer snorkeling tours with underwater scooters! Our underwater scooters are battery-powered and designed to do all the work for you. Explore the wonders of the ocean’s brilliant colors and incredible marine life all at the push of a button on our Scooter. See diverse marine life and colorful coral while being propelled via sea scooter through waters surrounding the reef. This is the easiest and safest way to discover the incredible underwater world of Aruba. An experience that combines the thrill of diving with the simplicity of snorkeling. Our Tours take snorkeling to the next level!

Enjoy every moment of your adventure! Take your snorkeling experience to the next level. Relax and enjoy moving and breathing underwater freely without the hassles of long training sessions or having to carry heavy diving equipment.

These are fairly easy to operate by merely holding it out in front of you and pushing down both buttons on either side of the handle letting the scooter propel you gracefully through the water at a top speed of just 3 mph (5 km/h) getting you closer to the action and even allowing you to stay underwater for a bit longer.

There is no food included. If you want to add food that is possible at an additional cost of $18 per person.


MUFFIN: Attention! This product contains egg, dairy, and soy products

TUNA SALAD WRAP: Whole Grain Wraps, Tuna, Yellow Onion, Mayonnaise, Parsely

TURKEY SANDWICH: Chicken, Mayonnaise, Yellow Onion, Parsley

FRUIT STICKS (100% FRUIT): Honeydew, Canteloupe, Watermelon, Pineapple, Grapes

Private Snorkeling Tour: 2 hours | 2 people - (Additional Passenger + Duration is Extendable at additional cost)

  • $240 USD
  • Note: 240 USD rate is for 2 hours and for 2 people. This beauty can be hired for up to 8 hours, Each Extra Hour Price is 130 USD only, and an additional half-hour is 75 USD.

    The Additional Passenger Rate is 40 USD p/p only (adult) and 35 USD for every additional child.

    There is no food included. If you want to add food that is possible at an additional cost of $18 per person.

    Price includes: Soft drinks, Water, Rum Punch, Snorkel Equipment, Bluetooth Sound System.
Extra hour(s) 130 USD, Additional Passenger rate: 40 USD, Food 18 USD, Every Additional Child 35 USD

Private Power Snorkeling Tour: 2 hours | 2 people - (Duration is Extendable at additional cost)

  • $330 USD
  • Note: 330 USD rate is for 2 hours and for 2 people. This beauty can be hired for up to 8 hours, the Each Extra Hour Price is 125 USD only and Additional Passenger Rate is 139 USD p/p only.

    There is no food included. If you want to add food that is possible at additional costs of $18 per person.

    Price includes: Power Snorkeling (Sea Scooter), Cool box with ice and bottles of water, Snorkel equipment, Bluetooth sound system.
Extra hour(s) 130 USD, Additional Passenger rate: 139 USD, Food 18 USD