Wakeboard or Waterski

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Length ft

We provide a variety of boards that you may try out and thoroughly enjoy. From novices to experts, everyone is welcome to jump the waves and surf the water using the various boards we have available.

Let us pull you on a wakeboard or waterski across the waves of Aruba with one of the quick speedboats.

Onboard, there is an experienced crew who can show you how to jump onto the water and surf the waves.

Trip Details

One of the nicest things to do is surf in the waters off Aruba. You didn't miss it since it is a fantastic way to spend your holiday.

Located in the Caribbean, the Aruba sea is a warm, salty body of water. For many tourists to the island, surfing in this water has become a well-liked activity. It is predicted that there are at least 12 distinct types of waves on the island, which has several distinct locations where surfers may find waves to ride.

While surfing, surfers should dress appropriately and use suitable equipment.

20-minute Rental

  • $62 USD
  • Would you like to faceplant, surf, or jump over waves for true fun in Aruba? Join us to experience some exciting water sports!
Wakeboard or Waterski 62 USD